Invisalign is often one of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your smile. The short of it is that Invisalign is a clear aligner that is a more esthetically pleasing alternative to braces. The aligner is replaced every one to two weeks, with regular checkups performed by Dr. Jen every four to six weeks in our office. Want more information? Read on.


Night Guards & Retainers


A night guard and a retainer may look similar in some cases, but they are often worn for different reasons. A night guard is a clear tray placed over your upper or lower teeth while sleeping to prevent the damaging results of "Bruxism", or grinding / clenching your teeth while you sleep. Most do not even realize this is something they do, but the wear on your teeth becomes obvious very quickly. Retainers on the other hand, are primarily designed to prevent the movement of your teeth. Read on to get the low down on your sleeping-related orthodontics.