Family Dentistry



We are a full-service dental practice utilizing the latest technology, including high definition digital x-rays (which also offer an extremely low dose of radiation exposure compared to older technology), high definition intraoral cameras, the latest imaging software and the necessary computer hardware. This technology allows us to not only identify early and with extreme detail exactly what the current situation is with your oral health, but to clearly explain and show you visually on a tablet, in your own hands, exactly what we see. We don't just want to tell you, we want to show you. If you ever have any questions, or want a second opinion, we not only offer them, we encourage our patients to seek them out if there is ever any concern. We recommend children begin seeing a dentist as soon as they have teeth, so even toddlers are welcome in our practice.

A small number of our traditional dental services include

  • Composite and amalgam fillings
  • Root canal therapy
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Tooth extractions
  • Exams and X-rays


Silver Diamine Fluoride

Example image of Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment at Rancho Santa Fe Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

For our youngest patients, we are excited to be one of the first to utilize a brand new methodology approved and verified as safe by the FDA after years of study and years of use overseas. Silver diamine fluoride is a simple paint brush application of a colorless liquid with no needles and no drilling involved. It stops the spread of the decay and only requires six month reapplications to maintain its preventative qualities. In short, as long as the silver diamine fluoride is in use, your child should not need a filling. Due to its ability to stain the affected area, we highly recommend its use only in children with small areas of decay on their posterior primary teeth, or in other words, their baby molars. This is a treatment we are extremely excited about as we are always looking to stay on the forefront of technology, improve outcomes for our patients, and minimize any discomfort.