Dr. Jennifer Dean in San Diego, California

Meet Dr. Jen

Dr. Jennifer Dean (Dr. Jen) has lived in San Diego nearly her entire life and is proud to call it her home. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego and then attended the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. Following this, she went on to broaden and sharpen her skills, while taking the opportunity to give back to our military, by completing a general practice residency at the VA Loma Linda healthcare system. Since completing her residency, she has provided an expert level of care to thousands throughout San Diego County for nearly a decade.

Dr. Jen has served as an expert contributor for WebMD, MSN, Livestrong, FoxNews.com, Excite.com, LifeZette, VitaminShoppe, Northwestern Mutual, Verily Magazine, and SoftwareAdvice.com.

Dental forefront

Dr. Jen understands that dentistry is a constantly evolving art and science. She rigorously researches the latest techniques, technology, and receives leading-edge training to ensure that her patient care is second-to-none.  She has spent thousands of hours training and refining her technique,  while focusing on every possible detail,  to provide the best possible result in terms of appearance, functionality, and longevity. She strongly stands behind all of the work she performs, is personally invested in the outcome of each and every patient, and takes every measure to ensure you are completely satisfied.